Here’s Why You Need a Crew Recruitment Agency in 2020

The average superyacht keeps getting bigger and bigger. Add to it the fact that more fleets set sail each year than the one before, you can see why the demand for crew recruitment agencies is growing so fast.

Tight yard periods and tighter schedules can put a lot of pressure on the whole team. As captains and managers already have a lot to look after each day, the best way for them to relieve some of that pressure is by sourcing the right individuals with the right skills and experience.

Unfortunately, sourcing the right talent is easier said than done.

Superyacht managers are in fierce competition to snag the best candidates before everyone else. As a result, the only way to find qualified candidates that can truly add value to your team is by acting faster and smarter than everyone else.

And that’s exactly where crew recruitment agencies come in.


Benefits of Working With a Crew Recruitment Agency

While there are many benefits to working with a crew recruitment agency, let’s explore what we believe are the two most important:

1. Time Savings

The number one benefit of working with a crew recruitment agency is the amount of time you’ll save.

Posting ads on job boards, reaching out to local communities, and putting vacancy details on social media — all of these methods to source candidates are ineffective today.

They take too much time. Yet the quality of candidates is subpar in most cases.

That’s why you can save a lot of time by letting a crew recruitment agency reach out to its trusted pool of candidates who have proven skills and experience. As a result, you can avoid having to sift through obviously unqualified CVs and only focus on the ones that are worth your consideration.

Furthermore, a recruitment agency can save you even more time by helping with the admin work. That includes making sure all the documents are present and up to date.

2. Risk Mitigation

Hiring the wrong person can be expensive at best and disastrous at worst.

While there’s always going to be some risk when sourcing new members for your crew, you can reduce it significantly by bringing a recruitment agency on board.

The most reputable agencies keep a tab on their candidates to note down any red flags. If a candidate doesn’t fit the profile of what makes a responsible yachtie, the agency removes them from their list.

As a result, you can avoid dealing with candidates who misrepresent their qualifications, have a history of jumping ship in a time of need, or lack the spirit and attitude that makes a yachtie stick.

To put it short, hiring the right people is a lot easier when working with the right recruitment agency.


Let Us Find the Ideal Candidates for Your Crew

Whether you’re in need of a new captain, deckhand, engineer, chef or stew — we have just the right candidates available in our database.

All you’ll need is to fill out a quick and simple form. Our team will take care of everything from there.

We’ll start by sifting through our pool of candidates, matching their skills with your requirements, and shortlisting just the ones who make the most sense for your crew.

In the end, you’ll get a list of talented candidates with the right skills and experience in the shortest time possible.

Try it out for yourself right now by telling us what you need here.

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